Crossfit Power Yoga

Crossfit is a great sport stay get fit and stay in shape. Crossfit is a high-intensity fitness programme incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise. The The different daily workouts are functional movements based on conditioning training, gymnastics and weightlifting.

Physical flexibility comes in handy when doing Crossfit. Becoming more flexible can improve your Crossfit skills and it lowers the risks of getting injured. Taking rest in between workouts is also important for your body to recover from working out.
With her dance background and crossfit experience Lisette will help you to bring your level of flexibility, breathing skills, balance and body & mind to the next level. The yoga workouts are easy, involve strength & flexibility and occasionally we work in teams for a session of Acro Yoga which greatly improves your balancing technique.

Do a weekly session of Yoga strength and start connecting your body & mind as ONE.

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